Just like the dew that forms when the atmosphere’s vapor condenses, DEW points suggest lifestyle approaches to refine, adjust and find your Diamond Essence Within for greater wellbeing and harmony in your life.

Decrease your Stress
Accept what you cannot CHANGE – but change what you cannot accept…and this change may start within you. Learning to accept that we don’t have total control over everything reduces stress when you let go of the things that you cannot change. Changing things that simply cannot be tolerated – may just start within you – and leads to a happier, more fulfilling life experience ultimately. Changes in process may be a little stressful, but the end result when all is settled should bring a more peaceful outcome and calmness to your world. 


Changes are crossroads we all encounter
Bridges to new horizons
Avenues to adventure

Changes are opportunities to explore
Chances to pursue dreams
Windows to wonderful things

Changes are the genesis of life
Stepping stones to happiness
Building Blocks to the future…

Embrace Yourself
Love yourself – to be able to love others and have them love you in return. Emotionally, spiritually and otherwise – loving yourself is the first step to loving others, giving love and receiving their love in return. (It is not self-centered to love yourself, as long as you also love others as well.) 

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Within Yourself
Take care of yourself – to be able to take care of others. Your health and wellbeing enables you to live your life to the fullest, and also enjoy your family, friends and loved ones. Taking care of yourself by going to an annual well-visit or scheduling appointments when things don’t feel right is the first step toward wellness and overall wellbeing. Do this as a gift to yourself AND your loved ones. Afterall, they want you to be well too!

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