Sometimes in life … things happen for which we have absolutely no control…

We have an off-day, Murphy’s Law seems to prevail – or things just don’t go the way we would like them to go. Recently, this has happened to many of us as a result of the current pandemic or just by nature taking it’s course. We have lost or are losing a very special person in our life. Although the effects of this law may seem to haunt us on more than one occasion, keeping a positive outlook and trying to look on the bright side of any situation helps to reduce stress, balance disappointment and sadness experienced. (Mayo Clinic | Positive Thinking

As I was taking an evening walk the following poem formed in my head. The stars were shining brightly, the night air was cool, and the breeze was calmly blowing across my face. This poem is dedicated to a loved one and reflects my own faith, hope and understanding of what the future holds for us – and hopefully brings peace to anyone going through similar difficult times.

Ascending with Angels

I am at Peace
I am transcending Grace
I am fulfilled in this Place
I am free and feel release

I am Blessed and feel the Divine
I am at rest with Peace of Mind
I am floating and filled with Bliss
I am translucent like the mist

I am the rainbow in the sky
I am the dove that flies on by
I am the billowing summer breeze
I am the warmth hugging you with ease

I am the gentle rustling in the leaves
I am morning sun rays peeking through eaves
I am the tingling of wind chimes from dusk to dawn
I am effervescent dew drops on the lawn

I am within and I am without
I am now what I am without a doubt
I am safe – I am happy – I am worry free
I am where I always was meant to be

Ascending with Angels – unconditional love
I am walking the gilded path above
I am with the hosts of Heaven across an endless sea
I am with my Father – I am now free

#KindnessMatters #LifesTooShort #Grace #Thankfulness #LifeHappens #Peace

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