The Wisdom of Mothers

We all have a mother – biological, emotional, symbolic…and it’s a challenging opportunity for those who are graced with the chance to be one. Being a mother is a privilege that we don’t always appreciate in the moment. Time flies by and the newborn you cradled with such awe overnight turns into a cute kid,…Read more »

Walking the path of another

You may never know what steps have brought someone into your life or down your pathway. Our lived experiences stay within us until we boldly share them with those around us. One such experience recently shared was eye-opening. One remarkable young woman started out in life prematurely in a far-off land, traveling around the globe…Read more »

Where Angels Walk…

Sometimes in life … things happen for which we have absolutely no control… We have an off-day, Murphy’s Law seems to prevail – or things just don’t go the way we would like them to go. Recently, this has happened to many of us as a result of the current pandemic or just by nature…Read more »