Falling Into Fitness

The crunching of leaves and acorns underfoot is a good indicator that fall will arrive soon, and we will be busy raking leaves and collecting autumn’s treasures from the great outdoors! Sometimes when fall greets us, we tend to wind down our activity level and begin to hibernate like a bear. Instead of hibernating until…Read more »

Positivity in Times of Turbulence…

Life offers challenges, unexpected twists and turns, and sometimes at the most inopportune moments. The key to managing these hiccups and changes lies in remaining calm, and thinking through the options and resources available. Keeping a positive outlook, remaining persistent and looking for unexplored opportunities helps to balance the turbulent and unproductive worry that may…Read more »


Early memories of my father are sparse, limited to times when he was home from work and usually working on a house project. As a very small child, I distinctly remember watching my father do woodworking projects, gardening, and also running a small business in addition to working full-time at his regular job with the…Read more »