The crunching of leaves and acorns underfoot is a good indicator that fall will arrive soon, and we will be busy raking leaves and collecting autumn’s treasures from the great outdoors! Sometimes when fall greets us, we tend to wind down our activity level and begin to hibernate like a bear. Instead of hibernating until spring returns – why not find ways to enjoy the crispness outside such as taking a stroll to enjoy the fall foliage?


Common sense may tell us that being active, sleeping well and eating nutritious foods support a healthy mind and body. Experts tell us that just 30 minutes of exercise per day is the key to staying healthy! (American Heart Association/Fitness; Dr. Mike Evans) Taking a walk is a free, easy way to get started on your path to fitness and overall wellbeing – but maybe you would like a different option? There are many activities out there – so try different ones to discover what you enjoy the most!


The key to starting and maintaining an exercise program is to make it fun – something you enjoy and look forward to doing. Sometimes recruiting a family member or friend to participate with us helps to keep us motivated and helps us to continue once we get started. The trick to starting an exercise routine is knowing what to do and how to begin. Many do not know how to select the appropriate exercises to avoid self-injury when first getting started. The answer to staying fit is a balance of exercise, good nutrition and quality sleep combined with staying socially connected

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Not sure where to look to explore and identify the fitness options that will work for your fitness level? An important part of starting any new exercise regime is checking with your healthcare provider first for any medical reasons or concerns that may limit your activity. There are many online resources, fitness magazines, fitness facilities along with healthcare providers that can assist with getting you started in the right direction to identify your fitness level, as well as suggesting exercises that may work best for your fitness level. For example, Nurse Next Door shares tips on simple exercises that can be done in your own home for strength, balance and flexibility. A medically-oriented gym, such as The MedGym in Carlisle PA, offers the guidance of trained professionals who design a fitness program based on your individual level of fitness and ability – sometimes with the option of completing the program virtually from your own home.


Many fitness programs can now be accessed free and virtually including, Yoga with Adriene, and Planet Fitness. If you are feeling community oriented and want a 30-day walking program, consider visiting the American Heart Association’s HeartWalk website to find resources to not only complete a walking challenge, but also to support the greater good of all by participating in the 2020 Heartwalk during the month of September?! (If you simply want to support the AHA HeartWalk, feel free to click my webpage link (that follows this text) to donate to the 2020 AHA HeartWalk!!!)

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If you are looking for a fitness app that encourages healthy behaviors, and syncs with your FitBit device, consider exploring Fizikaflex – an app developed with a focus on motivating and supporting healthy behaviors. Although it was initially designed with seniors in mind, the concept and overall design really is for anyone who wants to adopt a healthier lifestyle to achieve optimal wellbeing! 

Get started today – one-step-at-a-time – to improve your own wellbeing and Fall Into Fitness!


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