Life offers challenges, unexpected twists and turns, and sometimes at the most inopportune moments. The key to managing these hiccups and changes lies in remaining calm, and thinking through the options and resources available. Keeping a positive outlook, remaining persistent and looking for unexplored opportunities helps to balance the turbulent and unproductive worry that may invade your mind. Focusing on the goal instead of the roadblocks provides inspiration and motivation to move ahead instead of languishing needlessly on any perceived loss. We all have faced or may face a rocky road or u-turn in life. Finding the inner strength and resolve to stay positive, focused and persistent – sometimes with the help of friends and loved ones – carries us through to enjoy another day and reach our goal to re-balance…to find the Silver Lining that encloses the Black Cloud of Turbulence.

Silver Linings elusively hide
From those who have a pessimistic side
The Black Cloud looms upon their view
Hiding the glistening silver dew

Instead of gloomy negative perceptions
Focus on possibilities and potential exceptions
Not the darkened sad surrounding
Filled with fear of failure abounding

Thinking positive thoughts provides
Ways to reach your goals inside
Remaining in a positive mode
Supports balanced outcomes down the road

Inner strength and resources score
Pathways for positivity to explore
Through networks of friends, family and more
Life’s challenges escape Turbulence and open the door

Twists and turns no longer dismay
Persistence resolves and drives away
Turns moments into opportunity we see
The Silver Lining that sets us free!

architecture black and white challenge chance
Photo by Pixabay

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