Places to retreat and dream
The wind and sun and sky
Molding blends the dreams within
Allows the mind to fly

The Sandcastle springs to life
Escalating up the walls
Soaring to new heights of splendor
The Ocean greets and falls

Visions go beyond the day
As minds stream idly by
Shells and starfish join the ranks
As tensions slowly die

Easing into regal stance
We build the Sandcastle realm
Within the bounds of sandy fields
Within the hearts of home.


Building sandcastles on the beach brings back memories of childhood innocence and bliss. The feel of sand between fingers and toes, the warm sun on shoulders, the crashing of waves and the blast of the ocean breeze caressing gently as thoughts drift away in relaxing wonder…this is the best feeling. Many of us have experienced this, and hopefully we will again sometime soon.

Activities like building sandcastles are a great way to connect with family and especially kids. Children generally love the feel of sand running through their fingers, and enjoy using their imagination to create sand sculptures using the simplest of resources such as sea shells, twigs, pebbles along with a bucket and shovel to shape the castle or creation. Their imagination is endless!

three assorted sea shells on brown sand
Photo by Burst on

Imagination plays an important role in all our lives. It allows us to grasp concepts or visual imagery that exists sometimes only in our minds or in our memories. It helps us to focus or center on things that may be more desirable than possibly our current reality. Imagination can also help with mindfulness and meditation or other methods of de-stressing. It can also help us to explore new possibilities for the future. Imagination is FUN!

Have you imagined anything lately?

One of the great “imagineers” of all time was Walt Disney! Can you begin to imagine the depth and breadth of his imagination to be able to create the Disney we currently know today?  Imagination spans many directions, and the enjoyment of this gift – the ability to imagine – is one that I treasure greatly. Take a moment to dream, explore and take a leap to live the dream should you dare. The rewards of imagination are endless — and the gift and use of imagination is priceless and FREE. Enjoy!

green grass on sand overlooking body of water
Photo by Nathan Cowley on

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