We all have a mother – biological, emotional, symbolic…and it’s a challenging opportunity for those who are graced with the chance to be one. Being a mother is a privilege that we don’t always appreciate in the moment. Time flies by and the newborn you cradled with such awe overnight turns into a cute kid, then a teenager (with or without attitude), and finally into a young adult before you can blink your eyes and turn around three times. Loving unconditionally is the goal, but sometimes these sprites test even the most patient mother with their antics…and then we have the epiphany moments of how our own mothers must have felt.

Growing pains of having your child become an adult can test your patience and sometimes seem to require sainthood on the part of parents. Some kids are saintly themselves, but most have times when they turn into what loosely resembles a Tasmanian devil from the Looney Tunes era.

At times behaviors defy logic?! What person wants to live amongst piles of dirty cups and plates or navigate a mountain of clothes in the middle of the floor? We ask ourselves as mothers…Why would you not just put the dirty clothes in the hamper or load the dishes into a dishwasher (or simply wash them)? And…when asked to help with these household chores…why would they not just do them vs. come up with a million reasons why this request is unacceptable or an act of tyranny? But then, we can think back and remember how it felt to be in their shoes…sometimes the mountains of homework or other obligations simply seemed overwhelming…and doing just one more thing was impossible to process.

As a mom, I now look back and am thankful that sometimes I just simply chose to close a bedroom door and ignore that mountain of clothes or simply pick up the dirty glasses. We gave our kids the values, morals and guidelines for our expectations. We had our spats and disagreements over somethings like curfews or driving the car. In the end, allowing some grace and forgiveness for temper tantrums or misspoken words provided the acceptance and peacefulness our home required. Our kids grew up and realized they like living in an orderly, clean home. As adults, their homes and lifestyle reflect that of a healthy, well-rounded adult – full of love, patience and acceptance. 

As a daughter, I am blessed to be observing my own mother still. I often think about how it would be to have walked in her shoes at the time and in the era when she was my current age. I still get epiphany moments now and then – and things click as to why she reacted in the manner that she did or said something the way she did. With age and experience comes understanding. She wonders now why I would do anything for her…it’s because I now understand in a way that was not possible in the past. In my eyes – she is a living saint…an angel that walks the earth.

Photo by Jordan Benton on Pexels.com

Now, my growing pains come from watching my mother transition to her state of angelhood in the future. She nurtured me and my siblings – and we nurture and care for her now in return. Kindness, patience, support, love and reassurance abound. Our cups runneth over, as we know that the sands of time run in only one direction…and we treasure every last second and grain as they pass by. Biological, emotional or symbolic – hugs go out to all of our mothers – for without them we would not be the people we are today!

When I was just a little wisp
You seemed so big to me
So strong and elegant at times
You did this simultaneously 

As I grew to be a tween
Your rules did not make sense
At times I wanted to rebel
And declare my intolerance

When I became a young adult
Still trying to find my way
Challenges began unfolding
As I learned to balance and sway

It’s funny how time changes things
Or make the obvious more clear
As I went along the road
You seemed to grow more dear

Your strength and perseverance
Your wit and humor drew
From me an understanding
Of what it takes to be you

From this I learned to stand
From this I learned to thrive
And now in my adulthood
I stand strong, tall and survive

Patience and understanding
Love and tolerance prevail
In moments of frustration
I do not ever fail

Thank you all Mothers
Whose wisdom paves the way
For us to grow and blossom
Into who we are today!

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