Being grateful and thankful – even feeling blessed – really keeps your spirits elevated when your day, week or year has been a bit rough or rocky. It’s not often that I feel so moved that I actually get tears of joy and gratitude in my eyes due to someone stopping to say thank you. A smile on my face, or a happy feeling yes…but not actual tears of joy.

Tears of joy…bursting with happiness and gratitude…this doesn’t happen everyday but maybe it should? If we stop to smell the roses and appreciate the little things that happen in our lives, we may just gain pleasure and happiness from the most meaningful things we so often ignore. So maybe you are wondering what brought me to tears?

My work in wellness provides me with the ability to impact and influence others in some very positive ways. I love what I do. The challenge is that not everyone understands what a health coach does, nor do they always fully comprehend the overwhelmingly positive impact of creating a culture of wellbeing, which then allows healthy behaviors to become part of the fabric and natural lifestyle for individuals involved. All this being said, when I receive a real, heartfelt thank-you and am told that my efforts have made a difference, I am deeply moved.

Sometimes sharing your positive experience or outcome inspires others, and sometimes it provides validation to the one trying to motivate you! As a health coach, I view wellness as a priority for everyone. 

Wellness is a priority –
Creating a culture of wellbeing enables healthy behavior ability for everyone.

My work and contributions are not done to receive formal thank-you notes or notoriety, but to support wellbeing in general. I do not ask to be thanked, but hearing someone say that I have inspired, motivated or otherwise supported them achieving a healthy behavior is the BEST thanks I could receive! 

From a Health Coach…let me just say…

You made my day…just by sharing that I motivated you in some way…Thank you!

Tears of joy stream down my face
A positive impact — just a trace
The nuance of a difference made
By offering chances to evade

A life of stagnation, sitting still
Instead with movement that will fill
And help the body, mind and soul
Achieve momentum toward a goal

The wellbeing found inside each one
Blossoms with each step that’s run
Holistic health we find inside
By feeding the body as well as the mind.

My gratefulness overflows from within
For the positive way your spirits spin
Motivated movement or inspired wellbeing
Action is thanks … which gives my life meaning!

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