The sun rises and sets each day without fail. With each new day or new year, the chance to adapt and reinvent ourselves presents itself. We often think of resolutions or goals to start in the new year – but how often do we follow through with these things? As part of a personal goal and long-time interest in health and wellbeing, I recently completed a Senior Fitness Specialist certification through the American Council on Exercise (ACE). Completing this certification boosted my fitness knowledge while also adding a new credential to my skill set! Having many friends and family members that will benefit from this newly acquired knowledge is an added bonus too.

A constant battle for many of us ensues as we age. Metabolism slows down – exercise frequency and levels often also slow down – but the importance of using EXERCISE as free medicine gains importance now more than ever. Staying active through the simple act of walking, and doing exercises with your own body weight are simple ways to prevent and sometimes reverse the effects of aging-induced lack of fitness. Not sure what kind of fitness level you currently have for exercise at this time? The first step before beginning any new exercise program is a physical exam with your healthcare provider. Taking a simple fitness screening is another great step to determine your strengths and areas of challenge. Taking these two steps together ensures your safety as you begin exercising to regain fitness or simply improve it!

To partner with these first couple of steps toward fitness, consider using a health coach, fitness app or bothand most definitely add a friend or family member to support you in this quest. Health coaches (like myself) can be found online or live at many fitness centers. They add accountability, support with goal setting, encouragement, and provide direction for the multitude of resources available during this journey. Fitness devices (i.e. FitBit, Garmin, Apple watches, and many others) and online apps, such as Fizikaflex, are terrific resources to boost your fitness participation by providing reminders, guidance and programs to follow. If you want to include friends or family in your fitness activities – these are also great resources for creating fun challenges. Fitness devices and apps cost money, but instead of thinking of this as a COSTthink of this as an investment in your health! 

Your Health Is precious And Priceless…
Spending for Your Health And Fitness Is An Investment…
Not To Be Viewed As A Cost!

Your health is precious and priceless, and practicing some preventive medicine AKA exercise, may just save you a lot of grief, frustration and heartache in the future. There are numerous studies to support that exercise truly is medicine for those who choose this as part of their prevention and sometimes actually their own personal cure. Exercise can be FREE as well as a gift! Taking a 30-minute walk each day (or breaking this down into three 10-minute walks) provides the recommended daily exercise for your body, while also giving your mind a boost as well. (Dr. Mike Evans YouTube Video explains this very well!) Walking improves your cardiovascular circulation thus oxygenating the blood-flow to your brain along with your entire body. The gift is to yourself – and comes in the form of fresh air, sunshine and all of the healthful benefits that come with this activity. For more information on physical activity guidelines, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services offers a great site with detailed information for all ages.

As you begin 2022, consider your options to make simple behavior changes or lifestyle adjustments to support your wellbeing…and of course invite a friend or family member to join you in this quest!

One step begins the journey
Followed by another to continue the way
Inch by inch – mile by mile
Little by little – we begin to survey

Persistence paves a path
To follow and explore
Friendship forges fun byways
That open various doors

Joining with a friend
To complete your dreams and goals
Brings joy and brightness from within
And is soothing to your soul!

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