Sometimes we cannot see the forest for the trees – and other times we may just feel overwhelmed…

We all have moments or times in our lives that challenge us – some challenges are more difficult than others and seem to last forever. We look for family, friends or resources to help us navigate these murky, troubling waters – and with luck, faith and hope we steer clear of the things that pull us to the depths of despair or are simply annoying.

Some seem to be more resilient in dealing with challenging times, while others grasp for a ray of sunshine or a lifeline of hope. Research has shown that those who have spirituality or belief in something greater than themselves fare better generally. Having this belief supports remaining positive and hopeful and having faith that better times are coming when times are difficult, or that a solution will be found. 

Spiritual beliefs are very personal, being formed from a lifetime of experiences. We learn from our parents or family and friends about beliefs and religion, but sometimes we also learn our spirituality through lived experiences in combination with this. Looking within one’s self for affirmation and a dose of positivity is a great step, but looking beyond one’s self when you accept and believe in a greater power often is much more empowering overall.


There are many different beliefs in our world today – and we are but one planet in a vast solar system within the galaxy. We don’t know what we don’t know. There are so many things we cannot explain with our current level of knowledge both scientific and technological. Makes one wonder (and wander) to realize that there is very likely a higher power designing things for us. Just because you cannot see something (or someone) doesn’t necessarily mean they are not there – does it?!

As we begin another year, ponder on this possibility – that there is a higher power who we cannot see (yet) but we can believe in…who loves us unconditionally. We just need to ask for the help we need to get assistance…maybe the answer or response won’t make sense immediately but maybe it will in the end?!

As a natural born life-long learner, I am always exploring and enjoy doing a bit of research when curiosity strikes. Want to do additional reading on the impact of spirituality and religion on wellbeing? See the sample list of scholarly resources below to get started and explore more:

  • Borges, C.C., dos Santos, P.R., Alves, P.M. et al (2021). Association between spirituality/religiousness and quality of life among healthy adults: a systematic review. Health Qual Life Outcomes 19, 246 (2021).
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As I was pondering the meaning of life

I walked and dreamed one day

Which way do I turn, what do I do, what am I to say…

I looked above to the sky so blue that turns to pink in the eve

I scanned the clouds, then scanned the trees, and then began to scan me

What leads us down a path in life to which we know no end

How do we make decisions when we know not what’s ‘round the bend

Deep within our minds-eye view, we look for guidance from strife

To find the way, the direction to go, and how to lead our life

Sometimes the answer comes to us in such a dramatic form

But other times it eludes us, making us twitch and squirm

The ultimate answer to these quests begins and ends in prayer

When I AM left perplexed and puzzled, I just recite with care

A verse I learned a long time ago – and remains my number one

The spiritual verse that guides my heart includes and states –
Thy Will Be Done.

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2 thoughts on “Spirituality

  1. Nice blog. Thanks for sharing. Let me know when the details for my Lunch and Learn at Dickinson are confirmed. I’m looking forward to our conversation with the students that attend.

    Thank you for the invitation,


    Rev. Martha Lester Harris, MPA, M.Div., CAS President/CEO b_Fizika, LLC Lancaster, PA 17603 717-575-7465 (c)

    Follow @Fizikaflex

    *“It’s not how old you are, it’s how you are old.” **- Jules Renard.*


    1. Martha – You are confirmed to present at Dickinson College on Thursday, April 27 from noon-1 p.m. in the Allison Hall Community Room! We look forward to hosting you on campus to speak about your journey in Spirituality and Wellbeing!!!


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