We all have dreams, desires and things we plan to do now, tomorrow, next week or next year. But do we always have the chance to follow those dreams and live out our heart’s desires?

Each moment of our lives we are a heartbeat away from an end or a new beginning…the recent stories in the news support this notion and bring us the cold harsh reality if we are paying attention. What am I saying?

We are given only one heart – one life to live – one chance to love and be loved in this world…or in some cases a second chance, but there is no guarantee. With this in mind, consider taking a moment or two to listen to your heart, mind and body when it whispers things to you through feelings you may have, through observations or through information shared in so many ways in your environment.

We all want to experience the joy and fun times with family and friends – but we don’t always consider that we may not be keeping our hearts healthy with a minimal amount of exercise and mindfulness, along with making healthy food choices! 

Claim just 30 minutes a dayas the other 23½ hours are devoted to work, home and family responsibilities and hopefully a good night’s sleep…

Just 30 minutes of exercise a day is the best FREE investment for your own wellbeing! Think of these 30 minutes as FREE preventive medicine or a free TREAT for yourself – time to mentally escape on a walk while gaining some balance and harmony. Dr. Mike Evans’ video offers a great explanation for how this works and benefits your health overall! (Dr. Mike Evans: 23½ hours)

Think of these 30 minutes as a FREE insurance policy to keep yourself around to enjoy your kids, grandkids, family and friends and all of the fun things in life to come!

One heart, One mind, One body
One wish, One desire, One dream
One world, One chance, One life

We love, We live, We laugh
We think, We ponder, We explore
We learn, We give, We adore

One hope, One day, We enjoy
One night, One fight, We endure
One success, We express, One day more…

The heart, mind and body want what they want – and what they want is to survive and thrive
Finding a balance for harmony and peace provides moments to keep things alive
Stealing some time for yourself each day is not an illegal act
Gifting yourself with 30 minutes each day is life-saving as a matter of fact

Whether the minutes are taken a few at a time – or all in one big bunch
No matter when they occur or how they happen – maybe even at lunch
Make no mistake and have no fear the minutes will pay you back
With good health and wellbeing in your life while keeping you on track

Naysayers will say that there is no way to squeeze 30 minutes in
Find a way to prove them wrong – and call this as a WIN
30 minutes fills your heart and mind and body with joy
30 minutes is your gift to yourself to enjoy!

© Copyright of all original visual and written materials on Diamond Essence Within belongs solely to Jeanette Diamond. Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited, without Jeanette Diamond’s written approval. No one is authorized to use Jeanette Diamond’s copyrighted material for material gain without the author’s engagement and written permission. All other visual, written, and linked materials are credited to their authors.

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