Doesn’t it feel wonderful to hear someone say thank you – or see someone smile when you open a door or provide assistance unexpectedly? On these occasions we feel appreciated and that our contributions have made a positive difference or are meaningful in some small way. In contrast to this…Some days we may feel like our value is not valued – while other days we feel just fine. Why? It may be a comment or gesture. It may be a look or an action by another — a co-worker, boss, neighbor, or even a friend or family member. We may question our relevance…or even the relevance of our own relevance. Needless to say, when an injustice or lack of kindness presents itself, it just sucks the life out of you – and takes the wind out of your sails. It may be hard to come back from the mental vampires in your life – but we all need to rise above these challenges through our own resiliency and resources. We must ask ourselves in these situations, what can we do to make a positive difference not only in our own lives but in the lives of those around us. Our relevance and purpose becomes the impact expanding outward to reflect on and benefit others. Change begins within us before extending to the world around us.

What is my purpose – how do I feel

What do I do to contribute for real

How do I know that I am worthy at all

Winter, spring, summer and fall

Take away the duties and responsibilities I achieve

Take away my contributions – my gift to relieve…

What’s left is mediocrity that repels the worth bestowed

Removed with intent to lessen the load

The virtues that gave meaning, showing value and trust

Have gone missing and therefore my worth turned to dust

What is my purpose – how do I feel

What do I contribute right now that is real

My purpose is valid and valued by those

Who recognize ability and a heart of true gold

I hold things together and watch things unfold

Picking up the pieces you are too busy to hold

I catch missing links – and correct the void spaces

To make others feel valued and not lose their places

I hope to inspire in a quiet reserved way

To help others realize their dreams one fine day

I speak when the chance or opportunity arises

Sharing insights I gather from hearing the rises

Of voices beyond and in between doors

That may be ignored due to levels and more

So – what is my purpose and how do I feel?

In the moments when worth is felt … awesome and real!

Until someone steals that feeling of zeal – 

Then plummets my worth down the toilet to steal…

The moment of sunshine that passes too quick

And then once again, I begin to feel sick

Of the darkness pervading my corner of life

Causing me some kind of unknown sadness and strife.

Why am I sharing this sad outlook here?

Why am I sending this message so clear?

Do you see yourself standing with me or alone?

Do you recognize your actions as any that are shown?

Are you the one causing the sadness or strife?

Have you taken account of your actions in life?

Have you taken a look in the mirror of late?

What is your legacy – is it love or outright hate?

Consider your role in the lives of the many…

Do you think of others or take from them plenty?

Kindness is needed in our world today

To make all the nonsense and ugliness go away

Build someone up instead of tearing them down

Make them feel worthy of wearing a crown

Show them their value – their unending worth

Find the kindness within you to be kind without mirth

Bring a smile or tears of joy to the eye

Of a total stranger or a friend just walking on by

Find ways to make the world a better place

Not only for you but the whole human race

Life is too short and fleeting for all

Enjoy every moment – winter, spring, summer and fall

Together on this planet let’s build inner peace

Make our relevance relevant for both man and beast.

© Copyright of all original visual and written materials on Diamond Essence Within belongs solely to Jeanette Diamond. Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited, without Jeanette Diamond’s written approval. No one is authorized to use Jeanette Diamond’s copyrighted material for material gain without the author’s engagement and written permission. All other visual, written, and linked materials are credited to their authors.

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