Gratitude and Thankfulness

Being grateful and thankful for what we have in our lives is one way we can find happiness. Realizing that we are all unique in our own way(s) and accepting this reality helps us to be grateful. Understanding that a perceived imperfection or difference adds to your own uniqueness is a great way to remind us all to be thankful for what we have in life.

Perfectly imperfect IS how we are all created. Keeping this in mind will help reduce your stress and increase your happiness overall. Be true to yourself. Want to make changes in your life? Start small and simple and “if you don’t succeed, try-try again.” Keep moving forward one step at a time…by learning from experiences (mistakes) and considering them as learning moments down the path to your goal. The greatest achievements usually are preceded by many (failed) attempts before reaching the desired goal. It is only failure when you give up and quit trying. Step back, reconsider, make some adjustments, and try again.

Most of all – remember – we are all “perfectly imperfect” so don’t be too hard on yourself!

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