Essence, Hearts & Minds

Our essence, hearts and minds are what make us and others who we are as individuals. Remember to be kind to yourself and take a virtual walk in someone else’s shoes when you might be feeling impatient in the moment to gain perspective and understanding.

There are times in all of our lives when we feel overwhelmed or that the burden or situation are just too much to bear. Keeping in mind – the sun always rises to bring a new day and new opportunities – eludes us in those moments, and we need to remind ourselves that “this too shall pass” and we can begin again and learn from an experience.

One such occasion graced my path last fall, and while I was taking a much needed walk, the following poem flowed from my thoughts – and was quickly captured to share with you. (Note: There are no grammatical or spelling errors – just a little poetic license!)

My heart breaks for all who feel depleted
Especially for those who feel defeated
Never giving up ~ upon a dream
To rise above the Challenge of self esteem
Always look beyond the surface and above
Learn to look within…for their is Love
Hear the voice inside your very own Heart

Expect deliverance but not in obvious ways
Allow your mind to explore the neural maze
Linger and twist through intricate paths
Twining into realms with answers vast
Happiness abounds in open minds
Eluding those who close the doors behind
Secluded by the fog that gently creeps
Causing muddled vision for the ones it greets
Accosted by the cloud of Fear it seeps…

Pervasive and intrusive tears begin to flow
Evasively reality getting snowed
Simply streams away as does the crippled creak
When arid temps and weather sneeringly sneaks
Ignoring pleas from humble victims beaks
Tempest blows and heat steams through the minds
Hurting more than ever it unbinds
Mostly through the torrents it unfolds
Underneath the fissures, the memories go cold

Denying love exists and replacing it with despair
Depriving security and enforcing dread in the air
Leaving scared scarred lonely souls wondering if we care
Enveloping with sadness in lieu of the hugs we bare
Delving into caverns of anonymity not wells of wisdom
Melancholy moments form from words we give them
Images of welcome melt into mud
Nuances of natal outreach float just above
Dare we dream to help in so many ways
Someday we will reach them through Heavens Haze.

© Copyright of all original visual and written materials on Diamond Essence Within belongs solely to Jeanette Diamond. Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited, without Jeanette Diamond’s written approval. No one is authorized to use Jeanette Diamond’s copyrighted material for material gain without the author’s engagement and written permission. All other visual, written, and linked materials are credited to their authors.

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