Finding a new normal will be a challenge we all face in these days of the COVID-19 pandemic. Face masks, quarantine, working remotely and missing our family and friends who are all dealing with this in their own ways – this is our current reality. We all contribute to the success (or lack thereof) of moving past our boundaries and reaching out to others who support us or are in need of our support. We each do our part by abiding by the suggested protocols and not giving in to the temptation of going to visit our loved ones in person, but staying in touch virtually. Together – we will find a solution and regain a sense of normalcy in our worlds.

Sometimes, though, we forget that the rainbow is coming and that there is/will be a silver lining. For these times, here are a few words to brighten the moment and remind us that we are all in this together…and together we will succeed in coming through!

There are Days

When the sun shines brightly upon us
But our souls seem to miss the rays
When we feel wholly filled and the spirit surrounds us
But there is darkness in our pathways

When the world seems topsy-turvy
And things just don’t seem right
These are the days to embrace each other fully
And remember the Sun is always our light

When things seem just too difficult to bear
And the quiet, peacefulness of solitude eludes
When the day’s briskness lacks the essence of care
And life’s burdens push – overwhelmingly exude

Remember…When the footprints in the sand
Appear as one instead of two
You are not walking alone
But being carried by someone very close to you…

brown sand
Photo by Miri on

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