Go Ahead…Laugh at Life, Enjoy Giggles, Find Humor…Improve your Wellbeing!

Life is complicated and our world changes on a daily basis –

COVID-19 scares us with so many unknowns. The economy flips and flops. What to do about these things we cannot control ourselves – Who knows?! One thing we can do is learn to accept the things we cannot change – but also change the things we cannot accept and do have control over…such as our own grumpiness and general attitude or outlook. Most of us have all heard the phrase that “laughter is the best medicine” and now more than ever this free remedy is a wonderful way to feel better and possibly boost your immune system! (Sources: HelpGuide.org, Evidence Based Complementary Alternative Medicine | Bennett & Lengacher, 2007; Mayo Clinic | Healthy Lifestyle & Stress Management)

There are many free resources available online such as YouTube, Comedy Central, iheart.com/247 Comedy Live, and other social media sources. We also all have built-in comedy if we learn to laugh at ourselves or the simple things in life that happen around us everyday! Take a moment to open your senses to the plethora of comedy that surrounds us, and lighten your load by giving in to a few giggles now and then…and you may just be a healthier, happier version of yourself. 😉

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