Grandma Pants

There are times in one’s life when epiphanies happen – and sometimes they come at the most unexpected moments. Such was the case recently when a simple act of spring cleaning and community donation resulted in the Grandma Pants phenomenon.

For quite some time, the closets and storage areas in our home had been overflowing and cramped with unused items. After perusing the overstuffed range of items in my bedroom closet over the weekend, the realization struck me that it was definitely time for a long overdue purging and donation to the local community thrift store.

Time passes – body shapes shift and change – and clothing styles and sizes do not magically transform to complement these chronological and physical adaptations. With this in mind, the great closet-purging adventure was completed quickly yielding room for some new acquisitions!

As I pondered what was needed, what would fit the bill and the body, I viewed some likely options online before settling on a wardrobe necessity called “perfect fit” pants. The description and photo representation appealed to the comfort-seeking enthusiast in me so I splurged and ordered four pairs. I was very excited to finally have some new pants that would fit and be comfortable at the same time!

A few days later my package arrived, and with that some mixed emotions. As I carefully tried on each pair of pants, the fit was absolutely perfect as promised by the vendor. I was thrilled to have pants that fit my lengthy legs as well as my curves. I smiled…and then stepped back for a full body view…and that’s when it struck me… the look was head snapping as I viewed my image in the mirror. I had reached a new pinnacle point in life – the moment you realize you are wearing “Grandma” pants and there is no turning back. At first I was horrified and then after a moment I mellowed when I realized this new phase of finery was a well-earned reward for a life well-lived and … after all – I am a Grandma!

I have decided to embrace my Grandma Pants and have a good chuckle over the image I might be projecting through this tale of truth, purging and discovery. The moral of the story – love yourself and accept change while embracing the reality of life being dynamic and aging being a gift not a curse!

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