Swirls of puffy clouds in the skies
Honeysuckle scents and sweetness thrives
Fireflies to chase across the lawn
Looking at stars from dusk to dawn
Bonfires burn in the evening haze
Marshmallows ooze of golden glaze
Racing and hiding to play sardines
Funtimes, oldtimes, and all in between
Such are the memories of childhood bliss
Riding in my mind beyond the Mist.

person holding s mores
Photo by JACK REDGATE on Pexels.com

As summer approaches in all its glory, many of us remember our youthful adventures involving spirited explorations in the woodlands or finding crayfish in the streams. What exuberance we experienced when finding a treasure or playing games of hide and seek! The age of innocence is a precious time in our lives that fleetingly flies by but is captured in our memories as a wonderful dreamlike treasure. Yes, there are those moments of tragedy or sadness that nobody wants to recall – but those moments are also character building and we learn from them.

But where did the time go….

Swiftly our summers drift past and the school-home-school-home cycle falls into our world, only to pass just as quickly in retrospect. Before we know it – it’s graduation, college/work and more of Life’s stepping-stone adventures. We look forward to family and friends’ events to enjoy and socialize. These come upon us and also pass way too quickly! One day you are 20-something and you turn around a few times, look in the mirror again, and you are 50-something? Life is good … as the saying goes. Enjoy the simple things as they blow into and beyond your realm!

Life’s a whirlwind adventure – savor and enjoy the flight!

Take pleasure in the sunrise and sunset – the fresh scent of lilacs in the spring, honeysuckle in the summer, the falling acorns dropping in autumn and the crispness of the cold winter air. Marvel at the intricacies of snowflakes and how quickly they disappear and blend into the white blanket of winter. Appreciate the drops of dew on a leaf or flower. All of these natural wonders bring pleasure if we take a moment to be mindful and look, feel, smell and observe. Be grateful for the simple things in Life and you will find happiness is more abundant in your world as well.

The flutter of wings in the breeze – the scent of summer and the rustle of leaves
These things we will remember forevermore –  the simple pleasures that bring us joy and more!

brown moth hovering over purple flower
Photo by David Bartus on Pexels.com


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