Resiliency is a buzz word we hear a lot about these days…

The ability to PIVOT and adapt to challenging situations…
The willingness to explore unique foundations or relations…
The creativity to see beyond the obvious view…
The strength to recalibrate into something new.

We often hear about responsiveness and kind acts to turbulent or tragic events that occur, but we do not always hear about the thoughts or plans that go into being resilient and adaptable to these life-changing situations. Resiliency is a much needed life skill that some seem to have innately while others seem to struggle with on a daily basis. Wondering why this is the case? Some studies have shown that aspects of resiliency are truly based in genetics, biology and psychology! (Feder, Nestler & Charney, 2009 | Psychobiology & Molecular Genetics of Resilience)

Think about the person who always seems happy and positive no matter what happens in their world – and the person who just bounces further and further down the rabbit hole of despair when the smallest things go wrong. We can decide to look at the world from the perspective of a glass half full or half empty. One might say seeing the glass as half-empty is a form of realism not necessarily pessimism or negativity. This view can be mentally and psychologically depleting and sad in some ways, and doesn’t provide any hope for future happiness. I choose to see the glass as half-full to accept the good, being positive and giving the benefit of the doubt to all. Some might say that this is just looking at the world through rose-colored glasses and seeing things in a positive light. Rose-colored glasses do not necessarily mean the flaws are not seen, but they are definitely not the focus! (Learned Optimism, Martin E.P. Seligman, PhD; | Developing Resilience)

Resiliency in times of trouble or challenge builds character and strengthens us to allow for a new beginning or maybe just an overhaul for a different approach to overcome obstacles or  issues that would otherwise prevent us from not only surviving but also thriving. Being open-minded, looking for the silver lining on the black cloud, having willingness to bend and twist with the storm may bring a new perspective and even greater success in the game of life. Forgive yourself if you missed out on the first opportunity to be flexible, and take a moment (or maybe more than a moment) to explore and observe the world around you. Look for opportunities and support and you may find them in unexpected places – or maybe right there in front of you! How will you PIVOT?

Positive outlook influences adaptability
Ingenuity in thoughts and actions brings results
Values support forward-thinking ethical design
Opportunity to transform builds character and ability
Trusting in ability to blend the old with the new yields success!

Finding balance with positivity, ingenuity mixed with the right blend of values, opportunity and trust provides a harmony in life we all seek. Keeping your sights on the goal and practicing mindfulness will help you PIVOT with resilience.

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