Wellness is not a priority here…

Hearing these words in a recent conversation with an acquaintance struck a dissonant chord deep within me. My mind and psyche revolted. This comment felt like a sour note in an otherwise beautiful culture of inclusivity and wellness, contradictory in nature to the true picture we paint on a day-to-day basis. I was stumped. How could this profound statement be made, stated with a solemn face, or even hold ounce of truth to it? Without health and wellness – WE don’t get to exist in this world. My brain has been stewing over this discussion ever since!

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Pexels.com

In our current environment, now more than ever, wellbeing is a priority for EVERYONE. Holistically — mindfulness, meditation, good nutritious foods, and certainly sleep partner with exercise to keep us healthy and boost or at least support our immune systems. Learning novel things or keeping our brains active supports a healthy mind, and this also has been shown to ward off the effects of aging related to cognitive health and memory impairment (University of California – Irvine).

Numerous experts support getting adequate fitness and activity each day as a form of free medicine, proven to promote overall health and wellbeing while reducing basic health risks for cardiovascular disease, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and diabetes (23 1/2 hours video, 24 Hour Fitness | Dr. Mike Evans; US Department of Health & Human Services; American Heart Association).

WOW! With all of the information available supporting wellness as a priority…I am puzzled how ANYONE would ever make a statement that it is “not a priority here” with a straight face?!

Wellness is a passion for me. It is simple to understand, although it may be a challenge to achieve in some cases. Taking steps to improve your wellbeing is a priority that can be advanced even if it’s one…. step…. at… a… time. No need to overwhelm yourself – just keep it simple and focus on one goal. As a health coach, I remind friends and family to start with a SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely) goal in mind!

Before beginning any new fitness programor before making lifestyle changes – it helps to talk to your primary healthcare provider (PCP), a fitness professional or trainer and possibly a health coach. Your PCP will be able to advise you of your health risks or challenges and guide you on the type of fitness program to start. All of these resourceful people can assist you in shaping your wellness goals and encourage (coach) you along your path to wellbeing!

The best part of taking these steps —
you and your family both win through a healthier and happier you.

One step at a time
Keep it simple — 30 minutes to unwind
The hours pass so quickly each day
It’s easy for time to slip away
Before you know it the day is done
And you just want to have some fun

Pick activities you will enjoy
Not a chore that will employ
Your brain to struggle or to fight
Invite your body and mind with might
To join the fun of this daily ritual
For fitness is more than just getting physical!

30 minutes of 1440 each day
Is not much time when it is play
Having fun and getting fit
Keeps your heart healthy quite a bit
Better health and happiness too
Allows life-long adventures and dreams to come true!

Grant yourself this one little gift
It’s free to you — and offers a lift
To mind, body and spirit within
Adding benefits and maybe a grin
For fitness Time today well spent
 Garners rewards later in memory and moment.


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