May brings many things to mind – living life, new life, things that bloom beautifully – and of course that leads me to think of my mother, but really both of my parents generally. Mothers have the honor of being the most thought of people on the second Sunday of May each year – Mother’s…Read more »

Grandma Pants

There are times in one’s life when epiphanies happen – and sometimes they come at the most unexpected moments. Such was the case recently when a simple act of spring cleaning and community donation resulted in the Grandma Pants phenomenon. For quite some time, the closets and storage areas in our home had been overflowing…Read more »

Essence, Hearts & Minds

Our essence, hearts and minds are what make us and others who we are as individuals. Remember to be kind to yourself and take a virtual walk in someone else’s shoes when you might be feeling impatient in the moment to gain perspective and understanding. There are times in all of our lives when we…Read more »